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Posted by on May 14, 2018 1:00 am
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The blog is new, but My Healthcare Report is now in its sixth month. I’ve been meaning to initiate a blog for some time because I know Google doesn’t see your Web site unless you have original material on it. Now that the Web site is consistent, the timing to launch is right.

The other day, a new connection on LinkedIn responded to my request to tell me what he or she thought about the Web site. I try to welcome every new connection, whether I’ve made the invitation or not. Besides asking me where I get all the information (I get that question a lot), the connection wanted to know “by what authority” I did this and who am I to make decisions on story links to provide. Even in the sterile nature of LinkedIn messages, I got the feeling the author believed I had overstepped my bounds somehow, that the very nature of this material should be left to the “appropriate people,” whoever they are.

I won’t bore you with the whole answer, but I detailed my background in news, medicine and medical technology which anyone can read in the “About us.” I explained that I see the Web site as a service to the healthcare community and to anyone else. I make a very deliberate effort to find articles that are of general interest to a wide audience, but also those that are on the cutting edge of technology in medicine and the business of medicine.

The first six months have been a shakedown cruise. For those of you who have visited My Healthcare Report from almost the very beginning, you’ve seen some improvements – a number of them the direct result of recommendations from you. Please keep them coming. Just as we try to improve healthcare, I want to make My Healthcare Report the best it can be for you the audience.

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