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Posted by on May 17, 2018 3:00 am
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By now, you’ve probably figured out that My Healthcare Report is unique. This Web site provides links to up-to-date stories about healthcare. It’s a service for people like you who don’t have the time to comb the Internet looking for them. It doesn’t steal anyone’s thunder by violating copyrights but sends you to the Web sites where the original articles reside. As manager of My Healthcare Report, I do have to contend with one problem: sites that don’t see the benefit in what amounts to free promotion.

Take the Wall Street Journal as one example. You won’t find any links to stories published by the WSJ on My Healthcare Report because important health articles are hidden behind its pay wall. Maybe you get to read the first couple of sentences before the sales pitch kicks in. And that’s sad because it has great coverage of important health stories. The Washington Post produces original health articles that usually do not require a subscription to the newspaper. Someone there gets it. It’s hard to figure out the situation at the New York Times. One day, there is free access to an article; but then the paper holds back on the next. Both the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times give you only a few free articles. Once you reach their limit, access to other articles is denied unless you pay. Newspapers, however, are not the only stingy medium.

Some healthcare Web sites like one focused on fibromyalgia – a serious issue for a lot of people – require a subscription for articles they produce. When you’re a “one trick pony” and that helps pay the bills, I understand. But if you’re trying to get the word out about the problem, it wouldn’t hurt to occasionally make one article a month available to non-subscribers, especially if it would be beneficial to those dealing with it. Again, think “promotion.” When talking to a friend about an article they’ve linked to, people will likely say they saw it on the original Web site, not here. When they talk about HOW they found it, I hope they think to say My Healthcare Report.

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