Roger DowneyWelcome to My Healthcare Report. This site features the links to the major stories that you absolutely are interested in knowing about, but also links to those stories that may escape your attention because they aren’t “sexy” enough for CNN, Fox, MSNBC, or your online newspaper of choice.

The Basics in “Trending Stories”

I believe that this Web site could be important to you if you are a new parent and want to make sure that you are doing the best to have a healthy child. You want to know the benefits of breastfeeding, and if you can’t do that because of your work schedule, then you want to know things about formula. When should you begin introducing food and other dietary questions? Perhaps you’re only just now pregnant and need to know the latest information about a healthy pregnancy – you know, the do’s and don’ts. Just about every day My Healthcare Report has articles about pregnancy and child care and some related issues that you may not be aware of.

What about you as a person? Certainly, research has shown that we all need to exercise, but how much is enough or too much. And what if I have an unexpected pain here or there – what’s causing that? Is there a treatment that can take care of it? Should I try the Keto diet or go Mediterranean? Coffee? Don’t get me started! Some days, coffee is good for you, then, on others, we learn about unanticipated consequences. Another on-again, off-again subject is alcohol, usually when it comes to wine. Avoiding salmonella from lettuce or E.coli from ground beef is important, especially if it’s already in your refrigerator. You need to know about recalls.

Maybe you’re like me – older and I hope wiser. Many of us ignored healthcare problems when we were younger, but now pain has become an issue. The pendulum for treating pain with pharmaceuticals is aggressive for a while, and then swings back to doctors being more cautious. There are new drugs out there with names that like to include the letters “J” and “X” and typically end in an “I” or “O.” Every time I see a TV commercial it’s positively nirvana… until they tell us the possible side effects.

We look forward to the “golden years” but then we unexpectedly develop a disease – Type 2 diabetes, Lyme disease, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, or Alzheimer’s. Don’t forget that obesity is now considered a disease. How do you and your significant other handle that? You begin by getting the latest information on the diseases, treatments and the research underway at My Healthcare Report.

Deeper Dive in “Technology & Research”

Medicine has become a lot more technological in the last couple of decades. And there is so much research underway, something new is happening every day. Some buzz words that you may have heard include artificial intelligence or AI, CRISPR which is editing genes, medical imaging – MRIs, CT scans and the like, telemedicine and telehealth. They aren’t the same no matter what people tell you. Some of this will be of little interest to you unless you are a doctor, nurse or physician assistant or someone in IT who handles the hospital or medical practice technology. But don’t write off telemedicine and telehealth because with the increasing shortage of physicians and the changes in doctor employment this may be the way we seek healthcare in the future.

Healthcare is a business

Behind successful healthcare enterprises and practices are good business people. We’re currently in the era of mergers and acquisitions. If you’re employed in healthcare, your boss today might not be your boss tomorrow. Healthcare systems have to make enough money to stay in business. When they don’t, changes must be made that will likely affect us in some way. We hear about hospitals closing a lot of time, primarily in rural areas. Is your town’s hospital (and largest employer) facing that fate? And where will you go for healthcare services if the doors close? Most healthcare providers are ethical and put their patients first. There are those, however, who get in trouble with the law, the courts or their medical boards, and you can find links to articles about them on My Healthcare Report.

Political topics

You won’t find them here. You know how you feel on the big issues in the public square, and that’s fine. I know how I feel about them, but this is not a Web site to debate them or to promote them.

My background

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  • Media Relations Officer at the Arizona Medical Board
  • Communications Manager for GlobalMed
  • Husband, father, grandfather, faithful Catholic

Roger Downey