Roger DowneyWelcome to MyHealthCareReport.com, and although I populate it with links to stories that are about Healthcare, I want you to view it as yours. I hope you will tell your colleagues about the Web site.

I have been a fan of the Drudge Report ever since the Clinton Administration, and my goal is to emulate that Web site with news that covers the broad scope of healthcare.

This is a fair Web site aimed at providing you, the visitor, with the keys to the best information on a daily basis. I leave the political aspects of healthcare to Drudge.

My background is in electronic journalism, first in radio, then in TV, for 37 years. After that, I served as the Media Relations Officer for the Arizona Medical Board where I really got an education regarding medical practices. Then, I was the Communications Manager for GlobalMed, a telemedicine company that manufactures hardware systems and develops software for remote patient visits. You may have seen Dr. David Shulkin, Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, demonstrating the company’s equipment to President Trump in September.

I’ve designed the Web site so that the links I insert take you to the lead story and to those in the three columns below it, above the “From News Feeds.” I try to place story links in the column on the right, the first column, that relate to things that affect society, like the opioid epidemic, discoveries about disease, and government response to healthcare issues. The middle column is devoted to telemedicine and telehealth and the use of technology in healthcare. The column on the right, the third column, focuses on the business of healthcare, hospitals, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers. But any topic can become the featured link at the top.

I am always open to suggestions and non-harassing comments about MyHealthCare Report.com. Use this email address: I promise to respond to any serious email.
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Roger Downey